All-In-One Direct Debit System
For your Gym, Martial Arts, Dance, ... Clubs

  • Ongoing Payments Automatically will be deducted (Fortnightly or Monthly) from your clients (on behalf of you)

  • We follow-up your clients' late payments for you (including phone calls)

  • You will have a 24/7 access online reports that shows your clients' payments status

  • FREE All-In-One solution to run all your clubs from one spot anywhere in the world (Management web-software Including Event Calendar, Point of Sale, Billing, Document Management, Belt Grading, Attendance sign in, Lots of Reports)

  • FREE Data Backup in a multi-million dollars sever

  • FREE E-Newsletter Web-Program for you to send E-Newsletters to your members


Members Management is extremely proffessional and no doubt a leader in its field. Offering an innovative up to date, on line service which of course makes running our Martial Arts School easier and more proffessional. I also appreciate all the ongoing support with their on line tutorial and the fact that they are only a phone call away if anything arises. I couldn't ask for more!

Paul Zadro

I have been using member's management as my central controlling database for all of my agencies since 2006. I can now comfortably expand my operations knowing I have a program that will provide me with control over all aspects of my business. I am very happy with members management and will be using the program to expand my business into international borders this year.

Members Management direct debit system is the easiest way I collect money from my clients. All the work is done for me! I don't need to chase up late payments, and the best thing is that I am assured a monthly income! The staff are very friendly and will help you setup your payment system with ease. I would definitely recommend Members Management to any other sporting groups!

Nadia Vella-Taranto

At Pacific Tutoring, as you can imagine, have many students passing through our doors on an hourly basis. It would be almost impossible to keep track of all these individual member payments without the Members Management, MM, direct debiting system. It saves time, that we can spend concentrating on our core business , our students, and it saves money. We don't have to go looking for individual payments when customers change bank details or have insufficient funds, because MM does it all. We can't do without MM, because it is an integral part of our business. Cash flow is critical in any business including ours, and with MM all our cash flow worries are gone. It's one easy payment straight to your bank account, no hassles and no queuing at the bank to see if the payment is there. It's simple , it's reliable and it's on time-every time!

Pina Spezza
Pacific Tutoring

Members management has been a great system that has made our company grow to the next level, great service and always there for you need anything.

Members Management to me and my business is the frontline of making it simple, hassle free. Members management has delivered a system that all my clients are happy with, simple fortnightly or monthly payments. Now I can get on with teaching instead of making sure students are paying on time. I've become the professional trainer I've always wanted. Members Management provides a simple system that has allowed me to keep track of students training records such as attendance, grading, and special notices, most importantly projection of income, my business alone has doubled in the 5 years I've partnered with members management. I am sure if you take the step at becoming professional you will be as happy as I am.

Mick Cutajar